About Us Who are the people of Dustopia Collective?

We are makers engaged in year-round projects and activities that orbit the desert and especially for Burning Man. The majority of the Burning Man experience is advanced and funded by participant/visionaries volunteer their time, intellect and outputs to the event. To handle everyone, the Burning Man Organization forces organization into specific project groups: Art Installations, Mutant Vehicles and Theme Camps. The institutionalized assumption (evidenced by the Departments, application processes and the questions therein), is that makers line up with one category exclusively, which is not in fact reality for many makers. Our skills apply to multiple project categories and we often engage more than one, therefore we just don't fit one category. We don't belong in small boxes. We are makers with broad skill sets, prone to engage in the sort of heavy participation that is essential to the art installations, mutant vehicles and camps we work on. We are fluid from year-to-year in our alignment at the Burn, but remain true to our causes as a unified maker collective.