Art Support Vehicle Cushbee

  1. We maintain this light utility vehicle for use by art installations camping in the same block.

    Benefits to Burning Man:

    1. TRAFFIC REDUCTION: project sponsors don’t let others borrow their street vehicles for liability reasons, but they will share in using this utility vehicle. 
    2. STREETSCAPE: Freed from support functions, street vehicles can be embedded deeper in camps, beautifying the Burn.
    3. SAFER: street vehicles are enclosed in opaque metal creating blind spots and glass creating glare and covered with dust obscuring view.
    4. EFFICIENT: 45 mpg. Street vehicles are less efficient and the playa damage to them reduces life span causing more environmental damage.
    5. LESS FLAMMABLE: Transporting fuel in a car, SUV or canopy is a bad idea. Enclosed spaces are toxic and vapor waits like a bomb.
    6. PRETTIER: Though it isn’t mutated, we have decorated it to better fit the event.

    The driver of this small vehicle is out there with everyone else, with full visibility in all directions. This is far safer than driving any street vehicle and it will offset at least 4 street vehicles that would otherwise be assigned to support art installations.