Camp Neosonica Cultivating a unique sound camp festival experience


Our camp culture centers on a meandering shade structure with a DJ zone sponsored and staffed by DJ Neoson also featuring Texas Holdem. Check out the music style on Soundcloud

  • House
  • Deep House
  • Techno


Matt smile

2024: Join us on a private playa near California City! Officially the event runs from Friday, March 29-31. 

Buy tickets here.

Many in Neosonica are arriving early, beginning March 26th. Those camping with us have the option of arriving any time between that date and official event opening. This gives us more time to expand the experience, glamp it up, be foodies, and socialize.

We’re hosting major music events Friday and Saturday night of the event, plus host chill ambient music with coffee and tea each morning. 


The wild image of the flying cat to the upper left is a ten foot wide billboard mural art attached to the side of the Neosonic concert area will blow your mind at night when RGB spotlights animate it in a very special way. Thank you to Dina for designing this amazing art!