Recycle Camp Doing the right thing, one festival at a time.

recycle or die

In these oblivious times, anything we can do to reduce our waste is a gift to the world. Festivals need people doing this. Camps do as well. 

The zealots anchoring this camp fill a gap for festivals that aren’t much engaging a recycling program. We offer bins for plastic, aluminum and tin cans and get the materials to place that will keep them from being wasted in a landfill.

The group also upcycles discarded materials into art and robots to decorate the camp with, as well as other creations such as musical instruments.

This is Jim, the camp founder.
This is Jim, the camp founder.


Burning Man – Bequinox – Teleport – Wasteland Weekend – Neotropolis

Recycle Camp is always looking for more participants to camp with us and lend their skill and effort to the cause.