Road Cone Mutant Vehicle

Dimensions: 17 ft tall, 8 ft wide, 12 ft long

Base Vehicle: 16hp Sand Rake

Power: 16 HP Briggs and Stratton connected to hydrostatic transaxle

Lighting: Eight 10 ft white strips placed in center of each rib connected to Arduino relay sequencer.

Skin: Shadecloth and used trampoline fabric

Riders: Pilot in 8 ft platform, eight on base


Note: This was created as a protest vehicle to DMV policies instituted in 2015 when they cracked down to make large MVs have a person walk on every corner and blind spot. It seemed like they went overboard because the only shape that allowed 360 degree visibility to the ground would be a cone. Unfortunately, they didn’t get the joke, just thought it was cool to have a giant road cone driving around.

Application Filed by: Trance

Funded By: Trance

Assembly/Teardown: Kelvin, Dennis, Chuck, Dave

Metal Fabrication/Hauling: Trance