Space Bee Mutant Vehicle

Base Vehicle: Taylor Dunn Industrial Tour Cart, 48V

Power: 3KW Gas Generator

Charger: Industrial forklift charger to support direct-drive from generator

Battery Bank: four 12v deep cycle for buffering and deep playa return range in case of generator failure.

Exoframe: 1″ EMT Conduit, 1/4″ angle. All aluminum head frame wrapped with chicken wire and shrinkwrap plastic then mesh fabric.

Skin: Shadecloth and used trampoline fabric

Riders: Up to 14

Application Filed by: Dennis

Fundraising: Dee

LED Lighting: Finn

Metal Fabrication/Hauling: Trance

Skin: Chris

Designated Driver: Dennis

Backup Drivers: Finn, Trance

Assembly: Dennis, Finn, Tian, Jacob, Eddie, El Ray, Erica, Sadie Ann, Jarrod, Ujala, Lisa, and more.

Sustaining Food and Drink Support: Tie Die, Icelady, El Ray

Demobilization: Dennis, Tian, Eddie, Trance, El Ray, Jarrod