Space Shuttle Art Car for Neotropolis

Base Vehicle: Taylor Dunn Industrial Tour Cart, 48V

Power: 3KW Gas Generator

Charger: Industrial forklift charger to support direct-drive from generator

Battery Bank: four 12v deep cycle for buffering and deep playa return range in case of generator failure.

Riders: Up to 16

This build is in progress for Neotropolis 2023

Very simple, the main vehicle doesn’t require much modification to fit Neotropolis. Key is doing a good job on the rocket engine components and we NEED to find two metal rocket shaped pods to initiate this with. 

There will be a shroud over the generator in back, not too difficult to fabricate a third engine facade from sheet metal to fit on that (only because this doesn’t need a point or cone on it. 

LED string lights (black lights) underlighting, inside, and around outer edge. Some sort of lighting and flame effect on engines. 

Bonus if we find someone good at programming arduinos as controllers, then we can get fancier with lighting effects.

Costs fundraising is needed for: $800 in new materials, fuel, upkeep and storage. Existing asset value is $2,200.