Space Shuttle Art Car for 2023

Base Vehicle: Taylor Dunn Industrial Tour Cart, 48V

Power: 3KW Gas Generator

Charger: Industrial forklift charger to support direct-drive from generator

Battery Bank: four 12v deep cycle for buffering and deep playa return range in case of generator failure.

Riders: Up to 16

Event targets (Mohave, CA area):

This build is in progress for Neotropolis and Teleport. 

Very simple, the main vehicle doesn’t require much modification to fit either event. Key is doing a good job on the rocket engine components. Have sourced salvaged materials to construct rocket engines with.

LED string lights (black lights) underlighting, inside, and around outer edge. Some sort of lighting and flame effect on engines. 

Planning to deploy arduinos as controllers for some lighting effects. Also using blowers to simulate blue jets out back of engines similar to vessels in The Expanse.

Costs: 2023 fundraising is needed for $800 in new materials, fuel, upkeep and storage. 

Color mockup is what will be constructed with components that have been collected over several years in inventory. Additional images show prior builds with different themes and base vehicle before modification.

The background in the color mockup above is actually Cuddeback Lake, Near California City, CA, near where they hold the Teleport event…not the Black Rock Desert background this website uses.