Zerodrome Theme Camp

Zerodrome was the name of the Dustopia Collective’s combined art installation and mutant vehicle support camp in 2019.

The following build and support crews are stayed in camp:

  • Metamorphic Dis-Chords
  • Mind Murmor
  • Tractorgeddon Mutant Vehicle (canceled due to health crisis from one of the fabricators)
  • Space Bee Mutant Vehicle

Zerodrome was placed adjacent to Karma Love Camp, with some paying dues to join Karma Love Camp and share in their infrastructure support. Zerodrome handled the fuel storage area for both camps.

Several years ago, Zerodrome was a theme camp on its own, attempting to be placed with mostly interactive exhibits. Placement didn’t feel that was interactive enough and denied status one year. That was the last year of Zerodrome as a theme camp. This was a horrible turn of events. Imagine building a theme camp in earnest over eight months, recruiting members from all over the world, building interactive art and creating events, collecting dues and paying for infrastructure, then discovering 1.5 months before the event that you won’t be allocated real estate, won’t be able to setup your camp ahead of the Burn, and can’t be assured your most crucial people can get tickets the next year. 

It became abundantly clear that Placement most readily placed 1) Bar and food camps giving away alcohol, 2) Large scale sound camps 3) Entertainment venues 4) Arts and craft give-aways 5) Intense workshops.

Zerodrome relied upon makers organizing the camp with a lot of attendees who made events around our creations. When we could no longer operate as a theme camp of builders, there was a membership split. The extreme builders moved exclusively into art installations and MVs, while the greater majority started Karma Love Camp to focus on self improvement workshops, yoga, entertainment, food and arts and craft giveaways.