Zerodrome Theme Camp

Zerodrome was a theme camp in 2015. It applied to be a theme camp in 2016 and was completely shocked to be rejected status. Luckily, the makers had a mutant vehicle in the works and there was a home for everyone as a MV camp. 

Baffling to the members, they thought they did everything right. Really good MOOP score decorations, sculptures, events. For 2016 the camp efforts were scaled up dramatically. Far more events were added. The street frontage wasn’t spectacular, but it was better than other camps that were placed. The most probable explanation was changing sectors to 9:00. There seemed to be a definite bias there for bar camps, which Zerodrome was not.

In 2017, an attempt was made to establish a village with the two as theme camps, but Placement rejected the proposal, leaving no choice but to consolidate under Karma Love. (a village only needed two theme camps, but after the applications were filed, Placement changed the requirement to three). Everyone did their best to merge, but there were challenges. Among them: Placement neglected to include the consolidated theme camp on the map, so everyone taking the Burner bus and others had difficulties finding us.

Some of the Zerodrome members rebooted as Karma Love Camp, others chose not to. One day we may  bring Zerodrome back again, but it lives on in spirit through many projects that have a diesel-punk style about them.