Zerodrome Support Camp

Zerodrome is the name of Dustopia Collective’s combined art installation and mutant vehicle support camp, hosting Burners involved in the following projects:

Art Installations:

  • Metamorphic Dis-chords

Mutant Vehicles:

  • Space Bee
  • SSV-1
  • SSV-2

The collective has thus far focused on the 9:00 sector for camp placement to make sharing resources more efficient. We’d welcome an affiliation with a “sister” support camp located in the 3:00 sector because we have projects in Deep Playa and sometimes weather calls for us to bug out toward the 10:00 side. Plus it would just be nice to have some Dustopians on that side. 

This year, we’re applying to be adjacent to Karma Love Camp, an established theme camp where some of our members can opt into their shared shower and kitchen setup and nightly potluck dinners without the full requirement to staff all their events. In exchange, we’re building and managing the shared fuel storage area and helping with setup and demobilization as well as supporting the water system.

With new Placement requirements dictating a very wide 20-foot fire road, Zerodrome and Karma Love Camp are sharing such a road between their borders. There’s an option for another theme camp to share Karma Love’s fire road on the opposite side, so if anyone is affiliated with a retuning camp that would like to be near us, we can lobby for this.

We have some extra space for new Dustopia members to camp in Zerodrome if so desired.